When bored, it's fun to watch humans exist.
  1. Cute little baby with squeaky toy
    She slept the whole way.
  2. Her older brother
    He talked non-stop. While he was somewhat annoying, he was too sweet to get mad at. His best line: "wow! We're flying!" His most frequent line: "are we there yet?"
  3. Male flight attendant with super high pants
    I've not seen pants that far up outside of 1940s movies.
  4. Overly buff 60 year old guy
    Veins veins veins. This guy seemed too buff. HGH? No one can be that fit. Can they? God, I gotta take better care of myself. 🤔
  5. Lady with long thick blonde dreads.
    I wondered if her hair was the octopus from Finding Dory in disguise.
  6. Guy with dread pile
    He had high Tower of Babel hair. They were like crocheted pancakes stacked high.
  7. Overly talkative guy a few seats back
    He was loud enough to be heard well past the proper radius of sound travel. I heard his life story. It was so thrilling, I can't remember any of it.
  8. Guy that loudly sneezed 5 times in a row
    Oh great. Now, I've got Zika.
  9. Guy in front of me working on an excel spreadsheet
    He had a really nice suit. I was wearing a t-shirt about Bigfoot. 🤓 Sigh. I'm just not an adult.
  10. Shakira, the flight attendant
    She was on the plane coming from and going to Austin. She had blonde highlights in her hair. Also, seemed kind of annoyed by all of us.
  11. Really tall lady
    She was probably in her twenties and about 6'3". I felt inferior. Maybe I'm still growing?! Just. Another. 5. More. Inches.
  12. The pilot that announced the weather in Austin as if it was depressing him greatly
    Current weather is .... 90. Sigh. 😭🔫
  13. Fidgety lady next to me reading a real book
    She ordered wine and kept grabbing and arranging things. Luckily, she was a tiny thing. I had space. Well, as much space as you can get on a tiny ass plane. Fat guy in a little plane....