Most Awesome Things From My Trip To Santa Fe, New Mexico

I drove from Austin to Santa Fe for my GFs birthday
  1. Danny. He was our shuttle driver from our hotel. He's about 70 and has more stories that most. He was a musician, ski instructor, studied ballet and knew tons about the area.
  2. The view from the hotel. The Lodge.
  3. Seeing the Georgia O'Keeffe museum. I didn't know about how diverse her paintings were. For instance, this painting really wowed me.
  4. Adobe. Adobe. Adobe. I loved the architecture.
  5. Viewing the stars with Peter. He is the host of Astronomy Adventures night sky tour. Seeing the moon up close through the telescope was amazing, but then, we got to see Jupiter and four moons, then two distant galaxies. It just kept getting more fantastic. This was like a live-action planetarium. Truly awe-inspiring.
  6. The guy who wrapped our wind chimes. He spent 20 minutes wrapping them in newspaper. ...... sloooooowly. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It was agonizingly hilarious.
  7. The local art. So colorful.
  8. Saint Francis Cathedral. Nothing short of magical. I love the architecture of old churches. This one is great inside and out.
  9. The view and food at Rooftop Pizzeria.