My Fave Futurama Episodes

I love me some Futurama.
  1. Fear of a Bot Planet (s1, ep5)
    The robots' crazy ideas of the dangers humans represent to them always crack me up. Robots fear our system of mighty organs.
  2. A Big Piece of Garbage (s1, ep8)
    Fry finally puts his amazing garbage making skills to work.
  3. I Second That Emotion (s2, ep1)
    The first glimpse of the sewer mutants. Perhaps your civilization is merely the sewer of an even greater civilization above you!
  4. The Deep South (s2, ep12)
    Professor loves a suppository pill. Fry: why couldn't she be the other kind of mermaid, with the fish part on the top and the lady part on the bottom?
  5. The Problem with Popplers (s1, ep15)
    It's always fun to see Lrrr from the planet omicron persei 8 high. Damn smelly hippie had something funny in him.
  6. Amazon Women in the Mood (s3, ep1)
    First of all, Bea Arthur. I had snu-snu!
  7. Parasites Lost (s3, ep2)
    Fry eats a sandwich from a vending machine in a roadside restroom. There's a party in my mouth and everyone's throwing up. It's nice to see Fry be at his best, even if it takes a worm infection in his gut. That place used to be a dump.
  8. The Luck of the Fryish (s3, ep3)
    This one is really touching. Fry lost his chance to grow old with his family. This is an interesting look into his old, lost life. Fry: And now he broke my hand! Bender: His legend lives on!
  9. Insane in the Mainframe (s3, ep11)
    Fry thinks he's a robot. Beep. Plus, we get to see crazy robot Roberto in action.
  10. Time Keeps on Slippin (s3, ep14)
    Now all the planets are gonna start cracking wise about our mamas. We get a chance to see Fry marry Leela, but he has no idea how he pulled it off.
  11. Roswell That Ends Well (s3, ep19)
    I love UFO conspiracies and time travel. So, clearly I love this. Plus, Fry gets a chance to do the nasty in the pasty. Fry finds a unique was to subvert the old grandfather paradox.
  12. Love and Rocket (s4, ep3)
    There's some great stuff in this one. Bender and the ship become an item. And, some great 2001 references.
  13. A Taste of Freedom (s4, ep5)
    Zoidberg teaches us all a lesson. The flag tastes great. An angry, enraged Nixon is the best Nixon.
  14. Where No Fan Has Gone Before (s4, ep11)
    Star Trek. Need I say more? Most of the original cast is here. Scotty has been replaced by the incoherent and highly flammable Welshy.
  15. The sting (s4, ep12)
    Killer space bees are the worst. Leela loses her mind. Also, more 2001 references.
  16. Obsoletely Fabulous (s4,ep14)
    Poor Bender. He's obsolete. He downgrades to wood. Leela gets to say one of my favorite things: oh lord, he's made of wood. We meet some fun obsolete robots stranded on an island. In the end, Bender realizes reality is whatever you want it to be.
  17. Farnsworth Parabox (s4, ep15)
    Bender is gold. Fry and Leela are married. The Professor has a stylish head-wound. It's madness. So many boxes with so many universes. There's a bobble head universe, a hippie universe, a robot universe and universe with no faces. In the end, the box contains our universe. Trippy.
  18. Three Hundred Big Boys (s1, ep16)
    The power of coffee. This one does a great job bringing multiple plots together. Then we get some fantastic slow motion Fry magic.
  19. The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings (s4,ep18)
    The robot devil is always a treat, especially when he hatches a crazy scheme. Fry's greatest opera of all time, becomes the worst. Either way, hedonism bot is happy. Zoidberg sings: I can't believe everyone is ad-libbing.
  20. The Late Philip J. Fry (s6, ep7)
    I love time travel. This one approaches things in a twist. Going forward to go back. The new universe is exactly the same, but about 10 feet higher. In the year 252525.....the song gets stuck in your ear holes.