1. Not going to a high school dance
  2. Not having a girlfriend or date in HS
  3. Not learning to swim
  4. Not learning to ride a bike
  5. Wearing short shorts and knee high socks in all my family photos as a kid
  6. Not getting my gall bladder out before the pancreatitis
  7. Not really enjoying my hair before it fell out
  8. Not becoming a cowboy
  9. Not being an astronaut
  10. Not learning to fix cars
  11. Making this list
  12. Not being born with an extra 25 fingers. Imagine my guitar skills!
  13. Sticking my hand in the sink
  14. Sticking my hand in the toilet
  15. Sticking my hand in any place bad 😜
  16. Staying up all night
  17. Leaving the house
  18. Staying in
  19. Leaving the Bay Area (mainly this regret occurs during summer)
  20. Eating that Chinese food that one time
  21. Not getting a dog
  22. Buying multiple Poison cassette tapes as a kid
  23. Getting rid of my awesome He-Man and Transformers toys
  24. Not learning Spanish
  25. Skipping the first lollapalooza
  26. Missing the Mythbusters tour
  27. Eating everything in the kitchen last night