Things I Talk to my Dad About Over Lunch

  1. Travel. He's retired, so he's always off to some place I can't ever even dream of going to, as I'm broke as an egg with a brick on top of it.
  2. The Texas Rangers. Our family team, until my sister went all rogue and became a Cubs fan. Both are doing well this year. Secretly, I hope the Rangers meet the Cubs in the World Series and utterly crush them. 😃
  3. Pickleball. Yup. The old people love pickleball. It's like table tennis, but you're on the table. He keeps telling me to try it, like it's some new drug the older kids are doing. I actually would try, if I had someone crazy enough to try with me. 🤓
  4. What did I get here last time? That's always the starting line. It's usually the same thing every time. Half sandwich and soup.
  5. Why's your sister behaving this way or that way? We have no idea. 😃
  6. Trump. 🙄. He thinks Hillary and Trump are both bad. I think comparing the two as equal, is utterly ridiculous. He's of the mindset to vote Trump and see what happens. Ugh. Of course, I'm in Texas so Trump will win the state. So, due to our glorious electoral college, my democratic vote means nothing.
  7. That's about it. Minus some strange tales of old people shenanigans. And some quaint down home semi racist remarks.