Things I've Noticed This Week

  1. I have a random bruise on my arm. A bad one. No idea what happened. Maybe alien abduction in the night?
  2. It's really. Really. Too damn hot. I've reached the point where I'm just done. It was 107 when I got in my car. Funk that!
  3. When I get a bit cranky or sad I play a lot of blues guitar. That often leads to sore hands and forearms. Also my finger tips are all tore up. I truly suffer for my art. 😜
  4. I'm a food addict. I just eat and eat and eat. For no reason. I assume I'm worried or anxious or bored. It's depressing. I should be better.
  5. The Olympics are still pretty damn amazing. The female gymnasts, Michael Phelps, beach volleyball and the female swimmers. Pretty fun to watch. I always feel bad for the people that work so hard to come in fourth. Do they get something? Or just a pat on the back? Still, it's pretty cool to be an Olympian.
  6. My Texas Rangers are hot! I hope they can beat the Cubs in the World Series. 😝
  7. I really love the new Radiohead album. I've listened to it multiple times. Loving the strings.
  8. I'm thinking Trump will lose big. I hope so. I don't want to move to Canada.
  9. I need to see Ghostbusters.
  10. It's been a dull, listless kind of week. Clearly. 😏