Typical Week in America

Bitter POV
  1. Some celebrity says something dumb
    The internet explodes, then quickly forgets
  2. Someone kills a bunch of innocent people
    Everyone condemns the act. Nothing changes. We patiently await the next violent outburst to condemn.
  3. There's a new trendy game or app or video or song
    Everyone says it's stupid. Then gets really into it. Then gets bored. Then call it stupid.
  4. President Obama acts like an adult
    No one cares
  5. Trump behaves like a very orange man-baby
    The media goes crazy
  6. Another black male is shot by the cops
    The cops say he was dangerous. All the evidence shows otherwise. The cops don't go to jail.
  7. Another mass shooting
    We're still talking about the one earlier in the week, so eh, we will ignore this one.
  8. There's a big sale on fast food that we shouldn't be eating
    We all gain weight.
  9. Science discovers something amazing
    No one cares