Worst Things Ever

  1. Donald Trump
    Obvious choice. 🤓
  2. Austin Summer
    Good news. It's only 92! Bad news: it feels like 104. Even worse news: it's still not the hottest part of the day. Great news: you'll die from heat stroke soon!
  3. George Bush Dancing
    Well, it's always good to be reminded about the difference between our former and current President. Obama: class, dignity, grace, intelligence. Bush: dances awkwardly at a funeral.
  4. Red Wasps
    What can you say? Avoid these evil jerks like the plague.
  5. Fruitcake
    What the ever loving crap stain is this? This is no good. Even looking at it, makes my bowels clinch.
  6. John Travolta
    I've never seen Battlefield Earth. But I really don't need to after seeing this photo.
  7. Sharks
    This is one of the reasons I don't swim. I don't go in pools just in case a shark has learned to drive a truck around town. You can't trust a shark. Never.
  8. Clamato Juice
    Uh. Yeah. Why not fish flavored donuts? It makes as much sense. How about ham ice cream? Or banana pickle soup?
  9. The Universe
    Ok. Cool. You're filled with everything we can know or imagine. Maybe, if there's not infinite universes out there too. Wait. The speed of light isn't big enough for intergalactic travel? So we can't explore 99.99% of you? You jerk.