Tahina foreva
  1. Kitchen Market
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    So so good. A tuna tataki-esque app that somehow looked like a garden, whitefish carpaccio (holy gefilte balls), and sous- vide salmon with puffed quinoa.
  2. Cafe Xoho
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    Super sweet little cafe with delicious vegetarian food. I ate the market brekkie; eggs on homemade focaccia with beet spread and some other sauce. Great iced coffee too.
  3. Nanuchka
    Vegan Georgian restaurant with a set price lunch. Pretty good food, really lovely and colorful space. I had Georgian dumplings and my friend had something that gave a taste of all the salads. We shared. Lunch comes with a juice or a glass of cava. Guess what I had?
  4. Halutzim 3
    Romantic fairly hidden locals spot nestled into Levinsky Market. Great place for a really nice and intimate meal- not a flashy one. Get the squid.
  5. Mahane Yehuda Market
    There are a lot of great choices in the market. I had a sabich sandwich in kind of a nondescript falafel place. It hit the spot. If I go back I will definitely make a reservation for machneyuda, which is where I wanted to go but couldn't get in. Or I would eat the fish place in the market , which looked awesome.
  6. Mizlala
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    Really really fun vibe and menu. It was Tu B'av, which is basically Israeli Valentines Day, so there were some cute love-themed specials. I had an excellent artichoke Caesar salad and my mom lost her mind over a deconstructed beef tartare. My main was a seabass served over beet linguine. Excellent. For dessert we had the "summer in Milano" which was like an aperol spritz on a cloud. Get it.
  7. Hashomer1
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    This a tiny chefs counter restaurant in the middle of Shuk Carmel. The guys working are putting our impressive sandwiches and market place using ingredients from the Shuk. It's serious market to table. I had the " veggie balls" which weren't balls at all, but more like root vegetable pancakes. It came with an egg, eggplant, tahini, and other fun sauce. My mom had the chicken, which was actually chicken offal. She loved it.
  8. Sarona Market
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    I technically didn't eat here, but I had s few samples and the market is great. It's brand new and gorgeous. There are a few restaurants in addition to all the shops and stalls. Fauchon is there if you like overpriced macarons and stuff. I would hold out for the ramen shop and the seafood restaurant that are forthcoming. There's a great craft beer place which I recommend, because shopping is better with a beer.
  9. Claro
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    This gorgeous restaurant is technically in the Sarona compound. It looks like an old British stone manor on the outside and only gets better on the inside, with vaulted ceilings and light flowing in. I had the tomato gazpacho and a glass of rose. It wasn't much, but it was perfection.
  10. Flea Market
    I loved the vibe of this restaurant; situated in trendy Jaffa, this place oozes young hip Tel Aviv. The shrimp cocktail, asparagus, and artichoke salad starters are fantastic. Unfortunately the entree fell flat. My seafood gnocchi was bland and my mom's burger was uninspired and the fries cold. Skip.
  11. Muscat
    This is the meat restaurant at Mizpe Hayamim. Prob biggest let down of the trip. There is a vegetarian restaurant in the hotel that's free of charge for guests. Go there.
  12. Vegetarian restaurant at Mizpe Hayamim.
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    Israeli breakfast of my dreams. All the salads, egg dishes, local cheeses, fresh fruit, halva, smoked fish, etc. Can't quit it.
  13. Miznon
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    Street food with a twist from Chef Eyal Shani. Fun things to put in a pita, like steak and eggs and roasted veggies. Plus all you want pickles and sauces. Fun and yummy.
  14. Breakfast at Shalom Hotel & Relax
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    Civilized and elegant. I ate lox every day with an assortment of raw and grilled vegetables and cheeses. Lovely service and ambiance. Humus and shakshuka available upon request.