Television Character I Am, the one I Want to Be, and who I'll Probably Be (Impractical Jokers)

  1. Who I Am: Sal Vulcano
    Ah yes, Ja' Crispy himself. I laugh too much and I'm just Sal like it's a thing. His faces of embarrassment and his reactions are just incredible and we're all blessed. I'm proud to be like him but also sad bc sal oh my
  2. Who I Want to Be: Joe Gatto
    He's the ultimate joker: confident, shameless, fearless. His punishments are few and seem painless because of how strong he is. A real hero. // it's Joe Gatto's world and we're all just living in it
  3. Who I'll Probably Be: All of Them
    With any luck, I'll embody traits from all of them 🙃 Murr's misfortune, Q's bravery, Joe's shamelessness, and Sal's charm.
  4. Unnecessary list, necessary show