Television Recipes

Tv shows that could go together for optimal watching pleasure
  1. Mr. Robot
    Breakout hit of summer 2015- maybe my favorite drama EVER. Thought provoking and confirms every anxiety and fear I've ever had about the media
  2. BoJack Horseman
    Dark animated Netflix original comedy. Will Arnett stars and it could be the most important role in his career.
  3. Last Man on Earth
    A Fox home run comedy about a post-apocalyptic society that makes poor decisions that are also hilarious. With that being said, I sobbed through the last episode and some earlier ones. It's hard dealing with harsh realities when your life is actually an unfathomable hypothetical that should be great
  4. These shows explore how little control we have over life in different but important ways. It's unsettling and beautiful because we find ways to avoid life and these shows tackle life head on sometimes. They show how hard life can be and how hard it can be to fight yourself. Each hero employs strategies and don't always make good choices. It's sad.