Now, we can debate Dean v Logan v Jess or whether April was the worst (answer: no SHE WAS 12 AND SMART AND SO YOUNG) but we cannot dispute that Luke Danes is the most fashionable Gilmore. Why? Take a look below:
  1. The Plaid Shirt
    Classic. He's got a million of them, they're all good.
  2. This Coat
    This green coat, paired with a nice scarf and the plaid inside is a legendary and versatile look for winter or fall, maybe even spring!
  3. The Cap
    Last but not least- the backwards baseball cap. Signature item, goes well with the whole look. You can even switch up colors for whatever mood you're in!
  4. In conclusion, this is why Luke Danes is the most fashionable of them all and why he also makes an easy Halloween costume!