1. You really don't have to take a shower every day.
  2. If you hang up on a telemarketer they will never call you back.
  3. The best career moves come through stalking and wrestling control.
  4. When undergoing a physical transformation, the first thing to change will be your digestive system.
  5. Being an editor will make you a better writer.
  6. Procrastinating doesn't make your problems go away.
  7. The relationship you have with yourself is more important than any relationship you have with anyone else, but this probably excludes children.
  8. You are what you do as well as what you eat.
  9. Fleece and velvet clothing is the human answer to fur.
  10. Menial work is an excellent way to clear your head.
  11. If something doesn't make you feel right, then it probably isn't right.