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  1. Judged people on Instagram
  2. Blogged about nonsense
  3. Ate a cookie
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i'm moving out in a few months, and the worst part is that I can't live with my dog anymore
  1. Look at this ball of cuteness
  2. How can I leave him
    Also fresh hair cut
  3. He looks confused most of the time
  4. 💚💛💙💜💝💗
I adore the office, but there are things about season 9 I wish I could change
  1. Absence of Kelly and Ryan
  2. Andy leaving and then coming back
  3. Michael is in the series finale for 2.5 seconds
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Blogging is weird and beautiful and complicated. Here's what I've learned (p.s. Please SHARE your advice about blogging and ADD to this list)
  1. Create a list of interesting things to talk about
    Post weekly or every other week; whatever works best for you!
  3. Don't be intimidated
    You have something good to say
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Disclaimer: I don't consider myself a true Star Wars fan
  1. Okay, fine, Leia isn't a slut. She just dressed like one when she was held captive by the slug.
  2. Chewie and Han Solo have such a good relationship. I'm inspired.
  3. Han is frozen in Kryptonite?
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I'm not perfect, do not judge
  1. Basically anything by the Bronte sisters
    Jane Eyre, The Professor, Wuthering Heights
  2. Plato, "The Republic"
  3. Anything Charles Dickens
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Not to take away from Ross and Rachel, but let's be honest, Joey and Chandler's relationship is one of the best
  1. They successfully raised a chick and a duck together; Ross and Rachel barely kept Emma alive
  2. I think I was more emotional about Joey moving out than Ross and Rachel breaking up
  3. Joey and Chandler survived being in love with the same girl, and Chandler even put himself in a box. Ross couldn't even take responsibility for sleeping with another woman.
  1. Why in the world did Monica want to date Richards son?
  2. Why did Ross and Rachel break up
  3. Why Robin Williams never filmed another episode, because he was amazing
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Let's be honest, it's not an honor
  1. Bridesmaids
    Communicating with complete strangers who think they should have been the Maid of Honor is one of the most stressful things I've ever experienced. Everything is a competition and you start having flashbacks of high school because that's how people act when they're in a wedding.
  2. Bachelorette Party
    I actually do not want to head up party where the focal point is underwear that you will wear on your wedding night. Sorry.
  3. Dealing With the Bride on Wedding Day
    She's grumpy and pissy and bossy and yells a lot. So no.
  1. Take Notes
    This may be frowned upon in other majors, but for an English major it is important underline aspects of the text you deem as significant. Not only underline, but circle stuff, use those margins for notes, break out the highlighters and turn that text into a freaking coloring book. Being interactive with the text will help you understand the text on a deeper level.
  2. Read the story/poem/book AGAIN
    Yes, it's time consuming, but honestly re reading the text will allow you to notice parts of the text you hadn't before. The details within poems and short stories are so intricate, and need more than just one read to be fully understood.
  3. Language
    This sounds redundant, but it actually makes sense. Pay close attention to HOW an author describes something or talks about a character. Why choose that word, and not this one? These decisions are purposeful and need attention. When analyzing a text this practice is super duper helpful
  4. Context
    Figure out what's going on around the time the author wrote his/her story or poem or whatever. This insight into the life of the author will help your own understanding of the piece itself.