I'm sorry this is so late... This week has been crazy...and I've been trying to find anything my secret santa gift receiver would like and had to correct a view about myself: I'm a great gifter IF I know a person...😁 So here's a few things my secret santa might find useful...
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    I live in Germany.
    I know. You noticed, right? I'm sorry! I hope you didn't accidentally forget to tell @ChrisK that this was not, ok? And now you're stuck with me😬 And since I've not had international mail in...forever, i guess, i am already excited to see the stamps on whatever you send me (even if you're from Germany as well... )
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    I love gardening.
    I'm absolutely fascinated that this is not mentioned in any of my lists...probably because gardening season was already kind of over...anyway if you are into drawing flowers...i'd love one!🌷 (But if you're not: don't feel pressured! I was just checking my lists to see if there was any information on me there...)
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    I've studied comparative literature.
    Another fact about me my lists do not reflect...It's just that there are so many bookish people here that I feel I'm good with just reading lists on this topic...but I love literary theory and comparing things. So if you have a local newspaper that has particularly stupid articles...and maybe some scissors?πŸ˜‰
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    I'm nerdy.
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    This is a button a chemistry student I was working with made me because I am fascinated by all the things you can do with baking powder...(I just realized that this is a list I need to make yet!) I cherish that button A LOT.
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    I never get any packets.
    I've been whining about this for so long that my partners grandmothers addressed his packet to the both of us. But she wrote "Forwin" on it...that's not even close to my name...I still remember how happy I was though I can't remember one thing that was in there...So I'll really appreciate the shit out of the gesture of you sending me anything by mail!
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    Obsession and deep knowledge are infectious!
    Anything you're into and wanna share: Go ahead! That's why I almost never find the time to write lists here...I'm reading other people's list...get stuck on stuff and have to order the book they listed about and read it, or listen to every single song of a list I hadn't heard before...or...or...my mind is like a butterfly that turns into a drill when turned on.
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    I try really hard to be on time.
    But I have to work against my nature here...my close friends know to expect me to be about half an hour late when I pick them up (except if someone is waiting outside! I only slack when there is no inconcenience involved for others...!) So if your packet arrives a little late I will see it as more time to be excited. But please don't forget me!🐣
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    The process of trying to figure out a person via their lists is the most fun I have on this app.
    If I followed you I have probably gone through all of your lists to figure out who you are(unless you are a beta...I work full time and just can't...but if I had the time...) and decided that I love you and want you in my life. So I'm absolutely fascinated to find out what my secret santa thinks I'm like...drop me a line?☺️
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    So basically what I'm trying to say is: I'm super low maintenance! &Already so excited to find out who you are and what you want to share with me!