Hello @pocketpenguin! Thank you soooo much for this amazing, mind blowingly wonderful package! I am still in awe...and I don't know how I can express all the wonderful things I am feeling because of you. I think if I want to stand any chance at all I have to start chronologically...
  1. I was late to find out about Secret Santa and @ChrisK allowed me to take part nevertheless.
    You cannot imagine how excited I was...I was sure that I was going to be the outsider on all the list app holiday cheer...and then I was in! I was mostly excited to find out who I was going to give a present to and what they were going to be like and how they would like it....
  2. But when I got the person there wasn't really anything there to go on...
    I read and reread all lists, showed them to my friends, and ...nothing. I have googled,etc...nothing. I failed to make a connection. This person only follows generic accounts and doesn't realIy interact with anyone...I felt like there was no way I was going to find something... I was really sad and sort of gave up and got something I hoped could maybe at least fit a little? Maybe? Please? But I felt bad and I don't think this person is ever going to sent me a response or even create a list again
  3. I had lost faith in the whole List App Secret Santa... Then I got a Mail from @ChrisK telling me that my Secret Santa wanted me to know that I wasn't forgotten.
    I was thrilled! Over all the frustration with my present receiver I had almost forgotten that I was going to get a package too! And what a nice person to write a message so I wouldn't worry! And how nice of Chris to keep the communication going although he surely has better things to do...
  4. Yesterday the present arrived. I had a few old friends from college over and the house was full but I couldn't take the excitement and had to open the present. What came then totally blew my mind. @pocketpenguin you are amazing, unbelievable. I have no words for how nice you are.
  5. See for yourself, people:
  6. Every item was packed individually and had a lovely explanatory note sticked to it.
    Who sends a stranger (in another country) such a big package? I've never received anything like this. Ever. From no one. Ever.
  7. First off: The show stopper. This is a cactusy plant that is now attached to my fridge (but I think I will take it to work with me on monday so that I get to see it more often...). I LOVE IT!
  8. This cute guy. (I think he'll move into the garden and will guard the garden keys. That way I have a part of this beatiful present with me even when I'm there...
  9. You have no idea how exciting this one is to me! This year I'm going to start an official blog for my University and I love to read news outlets from different Universities...however could you have known???
  10. While I was opening the presents my friends where surrounding me and commented on the enormous level of perfection of each and everyone of these presents. This one made everyone just shut up with awe. THANK YOU! This will travel with me trough Thailand and I am so excited to use it.
  11. So excited! I wrote my thesis about the border between fiction and non fiction so this is exactly what I love to read...I can't wait.
  12. You know I didn't make that Secret Santa List so that you get me EVERY item of it right??? During present opening I had to pause after each item and just shake my head...(people tried to take pictures of me but they couldn't get me to raise my head....) This one I had to look at every single beautiful page. So pretty. I love it. So much. So so much
  13. These USB lights made me laugh and they are next to my bed right now. Very cozy!
  14. And thank you for your beautiful card and letter and the stamps. I was dying to find out more about you and after I publish this list I'm going to go through all your lists to find out more about you. I have to know how somebody can be so thoughtful and generous and lovely to a complete stranger. YOU ARE AMAZING.
  15. Did I mention the stamps? I wrote in my Secret Santa List that I would be happy just to see the stamps. Since there are no stamps on the package you included stamps. I mean really. What can you say about this.
  16. Thank you.
  17. Thank you so much.
  18. I'm embarrassed to think that I ever considered myself a good gift giver. You are the queen of this art form and your kindness gave me so much food for thought. For the first time in my life I really understand that kindness can be inspiring.
    I feel like I missed the opportunity to give the person whose secret santa I was as much thought and kindness as you did. You made me rethink all presents I gave this year and realize that I want to try to be so much better at this then I was before....
  19. This list could not have enough items to express how thankful I am. Or how amazed. But I'll hopefully find other opportunities in the future to show you...and equally as important: pass on this spirit of kindness to other people.
    So @ChrisK if you are looking for people to sent gifts to the ones who have not received any yet...I can't promise to be quick (or as good as @pocketpenguin) but I'm certainly motivated...😉
  20. 😘💯👊♥️