...with different degrees of success.
  1. Farsi
    Born in Iran...so that attempt went down really well.
  2. Turkish
    We fled from Iran when I was little and lived in turkey for almost a year. I spoke fluent Turkish and then forgot all of it...always dream about trying hypnosis to get it back. It has to be somewhere.
  3. German
    My love and my home. The only language I can express everything in. I love it deeply. Also the reason why I think how I think and am who I am.
  4. English
    Learned English in school and fell in love with it instantly...would kill small mammals if it meant I could have a British accent...
  5. French
    Yeah, that one pretty much stayed an attempt. I can read it alright but we just don't connect on that level... For years in school mean that I can stumble my way through a conversation when I have to.
  6. Esperanto
    I was fascinated by the concept of this language and got a course from our local library. I learned mainly that I am not an autodidact....
  7. Delphi
    The most useless programming language (admittedly in hindsight) should not be missing here...the classes before us did turbo pascal and assembler. I was sooooo jealous.
  8. Latin
    When university started I had to do Latin for a term. Killed the grammar, sucked at learning any vocabulary...if only I knew then that I'd later fall in love with a classicist I might have put a little more effort into that part...
  9. Spanish
    This would have been more successful if I didn't attempt it in Cuba... This way it was just terrible. But maybe someday?
  10. Classic Arabian
    Took me about six weeks to give up. Damn it's difficult. And damn am I laaaaaazy.
  11. Yiddish
    Loved it. Love it still. But I only did it for one term and then realized that I forgot everything during the semester break... But I can still sing Donna Donna. Which can move me to tears in the right mood.
  12. Catalan
    Love Barcelona. Love Mallorca. Thought that we were a natural fit. Realized then that I had forgotten how bad I an at learning languages...
  13. Sogdian
    One of four easy middle Iranian languages that I took classes on. We never became close. But I learned to read the Greek alphabet because of it (which was great) and then forgot all of it again (which is annoying, see Latin...)
  14. East Frisian Low Saxon
    My partners family speak "Platt" as we call it. I'm ok at understanding things but terrible (at speaking). But I love to hear it. It has the same vibe (and heart and wit) as Yiddish. Hate that I'll never be good enough to pass this on to the next generation...
  15. Html
    Does this count? We're cool actually! CSS is also sometimes in da house!
  16. Indonesian
    Every. Word. Just. Drops. Out. Of. My. Memory. The very second it's not in front of my eyes anymore...
  17. Javascript and PHP
    One day you little buggers, one day. Started and stopped these a thousand times...it's the bad autodidact thing again. But I'm not giving up hope on these!