I'm 33 and I feel like I'm pretty late to the party when it comes to traveling alone...planning to go to Thailand in February and trying to figure out what I want to get out of that.
  1. Being alone
    I'm so proud of myself. For years I used to equate being alone with being lonely (not intellectually but emotionally). I consider it the biggest growth as a person I've gone through yet to know that this has changed.
  2. Thai food.
    My mouth waters just thinking about it.
  3. Summer in February.
    Gonna cheat the seasons. I feel like a wizard being able to just skip my least favorite month.
  4. The ocean.
  5. Meeting people
    This one I'm also scared of. What if I have a hard time meeting people I actually like and start feeling lonely? What if I meet someone I'm attracted to?
  6. Diving
    I really wanna. Will I actually have the guts to do it?
  7. Come back as a person ready to become a mother.
    For a few years now I have the "i need to do x before" conversation with myself. That's the last item on my list. Proving to myself that I have really evolved and done something I was always afraid of should be the last piece of the puzzle.
  8. Nature
    Beaches, forests, mountains...I don't care. I have this choking need for vast landscapes that I'm ignoring everyday...envisioning myself there equals freedom.