Weird list for a weird day...had to get this off my chest...
  1. I was at a wooden wedding yesterday.
    That's when your married for ten years. The couple was together for seven years before their wedding. So they've been together for 17 years now.
  2. There was an album with pictures of the wedding ten years ago.
    We've all changed so much. There were new people and people that we've lost touch with...but all we kept saying was: how young we were?!
  3. I was so pretty back then!
    Not saying I'm ugly now but I realized for the first time that I was a really good looking girl and that I had no idea of my "net worth". Which is not only true for my looks...that girl in the pictures had no idea what she was capable of and was too afraid to find out if her dreams could work. I really hope I've learned my lesson here.
  4. The relationships changed so much over the years.
    My partner and me had just been together for two months. K and C are expecting a child and k and I are not close anymore and probably never will be again...none of us guests last night knew what S is up to...and nobody mentioned kw...
  5. The nostalgia in the room felt more like we were in our fifties...
    We are in our thirties...!
  6. We had to drink a LOT to deal with all this getting older thing.
    And Paris didn't help with the general mood...So basically I am hungover because I drank a lot. There you go.