I am by no means an expert, just an enthusiast.
  1. Common core was developed by governors in connection with experienced teachers and state boards of education.
    The goal of common core? To ensure that upon graduation students are "college- and career-ready."
  2. Common core was adopted voluntarily by 42 states and the DoDEA.
    It is not a federal policy forced on local governments!
  3. Common core DOES NOT tell teachers, schools, or school districts what to teach.
  4. It is a set of standards.
    A student should be able to do ____ by this time.
  5. How they get there? Totally up to local decisions!
  6. Common core addresses Math and English Language Arts, with Science standards in the works.
    That's right. Common core isn't about teaching your preschooler about condoms.
  7. For the overwhelming majority of states that adopted common core, standards were raised, not lowered.
  8. The common core standards for English Language Arts emphasize not only fiction and literary non-fiction, but also reading in other content areas like Science and Social Studies.
    Because you need different skills when reading Shakespeare than you do when reading your Chemistry book, and those skills are not innate!!
  9. The common core math standards were developed to help students understand the WHY of math, not just the rote how.
    This is where parent frustration comes in...
  10. Please don't hate on common core just because opposers are better at branding!
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  12. I've got a lot of built up angst with this topic.
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