TED Women took place in Monterey, California this week. Here's how I figured out where I was.
  1. At 3pm, you hear the Indigo Girls rehearsing outside your hotel window for the opening night fiesta.
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  2. Guys move as quickly as possible in the other direction.
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  3. Jane Fonda screams "fuck the President!" into a microphone.
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  4. "Festive" fans are handed out.
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  5. Bartenders can't refill the wine fast enough.
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  6. So many flowers.
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  7. Grilled pineapple with cinnamon is a dessert.
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  8. Headscarves.
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  9. Hats.
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  10. Floral headwreaths.
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  11. Middle aged woman dances under heatlamp to Indigo Girls hit "Galileo."
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  12. Long stem roses are handed out just because.
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  13. The Indigo Girls play to a screaming crowd. SCREAMING.
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    The only man near me says, "the one on the left looks like Mick Jagger."
  14. Jimmy Carter is there.
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  15. You order a cheese plate and cheesecake from room service. Instead of feeling bad, you feel blessed. 🙏🏼
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