Readers sometimes send in correction notices that are really just comments. We love you.
  1. Article: The Overdue, Under-Told Story Of The Clitoris
    Correction: "What is wrong with the huffington post?????? Arianna Huffington where are you????? I stopped reading a few months ago. I could not stand the vagina articles. And I log on again and what is there - the clitoris. What is up with the obsession???? If it bleeds - it leads. Signing off again."
  2. Article: Supermodel Kate Moss Escorted Off Plane In Turkey After Reportedly Being Disruptive
    Correction: "What makes her a super model? Is it the fact that she's a super drug user? Is it because she's a super skank? What's a cyborg? Describe the error here (1,000 character limit)"
  3. General
    Correction: "What is wrong with a website that says continually on the side....So and so is a DICK...are you serious? It says that in the side of the TV section every day...and sometimes it changes the person but it's says the same thing. Its VULGAR and so disgusting. I can't believe its there all the time."
  4. Article: Miley Cyrus Poses Nude While Hugging Her Pet Pig For Paper Magazine
    Correction: "Not even CLOSE. Man, I hate being lied to."
  5. Article: Beyoncé Shares Short Shorts, Velvet Couches In New Personal Photo
    Correction: "these aren't shorts they are jean underwear. get it right."