Waxer is a senior citizen Russian woman. 70+. Man is mid-30s, in shorts and very moody. I presume he is getting his chest waxed. It's the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.
  1. After a 3-4 minute silence. Russian [thick accent]: "You going on vacation?"
    Man: "[Grunt.] Just Palm Springs."
  2. Russian: "Wax hot?"
    Man: [Grunt.]
  3. Russian: "You shave? This is going to hurt."
  4. Russian: "You wanna look gorgeous? You wanna look good at the pool? You have to suffer, honey."
    No response.
  5. Man: "Don't forget here. And here."
    Russian: "Yeah yeah."
  6. Russian: "Can you put your head down for me, honey? Down down down!"