After 7 seasons, Mad Men has concluded. But I'm just saying.
  1. The Esalen Institute in Big Sur is not that hippied-out. Promise.
  2. Don would have gone home to visit Sally despite Betty's request for him to stay away.
  3. Joan prob believes that success is the best revenge...but she still would have ripped that old man a new one.
  4. Roger is over marriage. He will continue a brief affair with Marie but he's certainly not writing any more vows.
  5. Peggy will be a creative director before 1980.
  6. Neither Peggy nor Stan are sentimental enough for that kind of a phone call. They would have just written each other a note.
  7. Joan doing cocaine once would probably turn into Joan becoming a coke head. She loves good news.
  8. Despite Roger's best efforts, you honestly can't eat lobster at that small of a table in a French cafe.
  9. Bobby is smarter than that. He wouldn't burn the toast.