Ages 8-13
  1. My 8th birthday
    My presents included a Princess Diana beanie baby, a spooky and snow ball beanie baby and the copy of the heart of the ocean necklace and high heeled shoes and an American girl journal and a basketball and clothes and stuff from limited too and a signed autographed picture from Leonard dicaprio that said this: and a Leonardo dicaprio poster and book about him and Chinese ink and a cat necklace and a spice girl doll and spice girl pajamas and a titanic Tshirt and a spice girl poster and a doll-
  2. Jan 1, 2002 the day I saw the jimmy neutron movie
  3. A GREAT party feb 9, 2002
  4. The day I learned about sex 3/30/2002
  5. The day I finally decided on an AIM screen name!
  6. The day I slow danced! (For like four seconds)
  7. The day some guy named Charlie asked for my email address! 11/10/2002
  8. The day I met (my now best friend) max grey
  9. The day I opened a present from Holly Hunter 10/6/2003 (I'm talking about you @miggles36 )
  10. The day I FINALLY freak danced! 10/13/2003
  11. MY FIRST KISS 3/6/04
  12. The day I got my braces off but sadly Julie copied my screen name. What a blow.
  13. The day I went to the beach and looked HOT 6/7/2002