If you give a mouse the capital of a country, he'll ask for more information on how you know.
  1. If someone says they're from Ethiopia it's almost always Addis Ababa, the capital. They'll be impressed and give you five stars.
  2. If someone is Armenian say "Hokis" (pronounced HO-keese) it means "my soul" and they'll laugh and think you're a big weirdo but guaranteed to get you a five star rating!
  3. If someone is from South Africa ask if it's "Cape Town, Pretoria, or Johannesburg." You will most likely never get an uber driver who is from South Africa but I'm just looking out for everyone.
  4. If someone is from Montreal don't try to speak French with them.
  5. If someone is from Senegal, do try!
  6. If someone's name is Alexander and they speak with a Russian accent call them "Sasha" (nickname for alexander)
  7. If the driver is American and you're with your best friend and gabbing in the back, he or she will most likely shake his or her head and laugh a few times but just say to them: "am I right or what?" Definitely five star to you.
  8. If they're from Nigeria, definitely talk about Fela Kuti. Or if you wanna get deep, go for William Onyeabor. Then play their tunes via the Spotify integration.
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx