So your life isn't like the opening to Office Space
  1. Stay in right lane to turn left onto Santa Monica from Beverly Blvd. it's faster so you make the light and it's not such a tight turn
  2. After you pass the 405 heading east on sunset stay in the right lane. Everything gets congested before Beverly glen on left.
  3. Heading east on sunset, stay in right lane between Beverly Glen and Whittier. Everyone makes that stupid left on the street before Whittier and it's annoying to wait.
  4. Heading west on Fountain, in the afternoons the right lane is blocked and it surprises you between Fairfax and Crescent Heights. Stay in left lane after fairfax.
  5. It's okay if you miss that early Crescent Heights right turn heading west on Santa Monica- there's another one RIGHT AFTER IT.
  6. Heading west on Olympic dear lord do not take left lane after Westwood Blvd.
  7. Getting off on N La Cienega from the I-10 E-- it's not a yield situation. STOP BEFORE YOU MERGE dear LORD
  8. Heading east on Franklin , get into the left lane after Western. The right lane becomes a right turn only lane at Normandie and it's like come on just get me to Los Feliz already hehe
  9. The best lanes are at Pico Bowl.
  10. Heading south on fairfax take the right lane through the fairfax corridor (canters area). Then left hand lane when u approach the Grove. Then right hand lane once you pass whole foods -- STAY HERE TILL U PASS SIXTH-- then left hand lane immediately through Wilshire. Then get off fairfax and figure out a new route because it's gonna suck.
    Suggested by @howieekremer
  11. Always take 6th. And this list rules.
    Suggested by @alibaron
  12. Sunset Blvd
    From 4-7p the far right lane (usually reserved for parking) is tow away and is TOTALLY LEGAL to use. Do it. You will save TONS of time.
    Suggested by @stevensodeyburp
  13. Heading west on Wilshire, get in the second to right lane right after Westwood. Everyone else is either merging onto the 405 from the right, or slamming on their brakes in the left lanes trying to figure out which lane to be in
    Suggested by @homa
  14. East on Wilshire to Santa Monica Blvd, get in the far right lane. Chances are you'll be behind a metro rapid bus, but you'll move faster than in the left lanes. Immediately after the intersection, swing into the left lane and stay there through Beverly Hills.
    Suggested by @homa