I have this weird thing where I have a collection of fifty bottles of perfume. It's because I assign a scent to a three to four month period of my life to appease the nostalgic that will be my 90 year old self.
  1. Bond no. 9 "For Her by Saks fifth avenue"
    This is my signature scent. I started wearing it in 2009 around the time I fell in love. It's a little strong and tacky but it really just fits and I manage to get a compliment every time I wear it.
  2. Oilily
    My first scent. Was given to me when I was 5. I sprayed it everywhere on my body.
  3. Jo Malone - "elderflower & gooseberry cologne"
    It's just a beautiful scent reminiscent of a cabbage patch kid I had. I wore it for my 23rd birthday and when my band was playing for two weeks in London and NYC.
  4. Calvin Klein "Euphoria"
    @harperdill used to wear this and it reminds me of her old apartment. Then I got it in a gift bag (lolz) the week of my 21st birthday when I was studying abroad in Paris. Now it reminds me of Paris and weirdos.
  5. Diptyque "Eau duelle"
    This one is warm and yummy and smells like the week I moved into my apartment after college
  6. Greg Lauren for Barneys
    My boyfriend at the times mom got me this the day my grandma died. I wore it to my grandmas memorial. I probably won't wear this one again but it smells like vanilla and the sea.
  7. Le Labo "Santal 33"
    I love it. Everyone has it. As they should.
  8. Stella
    Scent I wore November 2014, at the beginning of my relationship with my boyfriend. It reminds me of making cider and watching Alpha Dog lolz
  9. Santa Maria Novella - Tobacco Vanilla
    Again. New apartment.
  10. Diptyque- Philosophykos
    Wore it for a month. Can't really remember when. I think when it was when I was writing @emilygoldwyn and my pilot late 2012. Beginning of 2013.
  11. D & G "Pour Femme"
    Wore this one on our tour with Milo Greene from LA to Boston via Midwest in the dead of winter. I hold this one dear to my heart.
  12. Byredo "1996"
    Wore this spring of 2014. I think it reminds me of being confused.
  13. Frederic Malle "Carnal Flower"
    Reminds me of the two weeks I got very sick and all I ate was chicken noodle soup and I lost eight pounds. And went through my moms perfume collection.
  14. Body Shop Perfume Oil
    Reminds me of my nanny from New Zealand and her red 4 runner. Also reminds me of recording our first album.
  15. Versace - Bright Crystal
    Reminds me of my trip to NYC with @emilygoldwyn where we shot a commercial for an app and had many laughs.
  16. Byredo - Flowerhead
    @emilygoldwyn got this for me for my birthday. It smells like a baby apparently and reminds me of Emily's apartment
  17. Le Labo - Lys
    Still wearing it but it reminds me of the trip I took to Cuba with my boyfriend this year.
  18. Frederic Malle - Musc Ravageur
    I found this in my ex boyfriend's mom's bathroom and put it on. She got it for me the next day. Reminds me of her house.
  19. YSL - Manifesto
    This reminds me of this house party in Silver Lake back when people had house parties and no one was in a relationship and no one complimented me on how great I smelled and I haven't worn it since
  20. Marc Jacobs - Daisy
    Reminds me of high school when I didn't really wear perfume and thought oh well, because someone gave it to me as a gift. I hate this smell now.
  21. Bond No. 9 - Westside
    Reminds me of my best friend Rachel and @harperdill at The Smile in New York in the spring of 2010 also reminds me of filming The Art of Getting By with @miggles36 and also reminds me of Joanna Newsom's album
  22. Jo Malone - Vintage Gardenia
    This scent is very special because it's discontinued. I don't wear it much, it's quite strong.
  23. Jus D'amour
    Oh god. This reminds me of my semester abroad in Paris. Oh god. It smells like a sex shop. My mom loves it :-/
  24. Fracas - Robert Piguet
    Reminds me of my mom in the 90s.
  25. Regime Des Fleurs - Bel Epoq
    Actually my friends started this line. This scent is sweet and dries down very subtly.
  26. Mon musc et moi A Lab On Fire
    Vanilla musk. I'm wearing it to start this fall.
  27. Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady
    When Rachel came to stay last summer and we decided we didn't really like this scent at all.
  28. Hanai Mori
    Again reminds me of @harperdill wore it senior year of college. Around graduation week.
  29. Elizabeth and James Nirvana White
    I feel indifferent on this one. Reminds me of Sundance, 2014 and altitude sickness.
  30. Tokyomilk - Eden
    Reminds me of the summer I got Hamlet, the dog.
  31. Balmain- Ambre Gris
    This one is special and rare. So much Amber and baby powder.
  32. Lancôme - Tresor
    I hate this one. It's so gnar. Reminds me of Paris I got it for free.