"Wait can you say that one more time-- what's the book called? I'm writing it down"
  1. Rahua
    I guess it's a shampoo?
  2. Surviving the Narcissist
    I think it's a book
  3. David Icke
  4. Nathan bass
    Bassist recommendation!
  5. Jack singing drummer
    Drummer recommendation
  6. Secret Power of Middle Children
    I think I go deep into family stuff with strangers. Must stop.
  7. Wolf Whistle
  8. Anxiety- Scott Stossel
    Again. I tell everyone everything.
  9. Maitre Parfumerie et gunsier
  10. Calm.com
  11. Murder on the tie morgue?
    I believe I meant the murders in the rue morgue
  12. Laura Stinchfield
    I believe this is a pet psychic. Fabulous.