Pros and cons
  1. Pro: I'll get a cool pic out of it
  2. Con: I'll be taking pictures of myself which means I won't be having fun
  3. Pro: I can dress up
  4. Con: the itchy tight dress feeling, the horror
  5. Pro: I'll feel young yet!
  6. Con: I'll feel old the next day
  7. Pro: I'll see acquaintances
  8. Con: ...and have two minute drunken conversations with them that really mean nothing
  9. Pro: I'll probably get complimented on my whacky gown
  10. Con: the compliments will only be used to fill the dreaded awkward silence in between how are you and bye
  11. Pro: I'll get drunk and have fun!
  12. Con: I'll probably throw up and wanna die
  13. Pro: I'll see all the people I meant to get "coffee" with in 2015 but never did
  14. Con: see above
  15. I may just stay in.
  16. I bought a box of Life.