1. The day Kelsey got her period
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  2. The day I had an ear infection 4/10/2001
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  3. The day my AOL account was disabled
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  4. The day I was forced to go to a Bruce Springsteen concert 8/9/02
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  5. The day no guys would freak dance with me
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  6. The day something really intense happened with my nanny I guess...
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  7. The day I did something stupid to max grey 3/16/02
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  8. My anxiety about camp 7/13/02
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  9. My great grandpas staff infection
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  10. The day I thought something bad would happen to my parents... Or someone.
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  11. The day I thought I was going to die because I was a loser
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  12. The day I missed the new year by five minutes cause I was watching almost famous (again I'm talking about you @miggles36 )
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  13. The day my parents found out about the handjob
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