Just finished a short tour opening for Ryan Adams . I miss it.
  1. I want my bed/don't make me go home
  2. No more fast food please/gimme fries
  3. I'm losing my voice / nope never lost it
  4. I want to be alone / someone come over
  5. Why is everybody watching me / HELLO IS ANYBODY WATCHING ME??
  6. Need to work out/ what's one more day
  7. My back hurts / Sitting for 9 hours a day in the spring driving through Yellowstone is perfect and nothing is like it and I hate LA
  8. I miss my friends / I miss my band
  9. No Wifi is strong enough to watch the Twilight Zone episode "The Hitchhiker" / do I really want to watch it at the age of 25? Then what will I have to look forward to in life?