Just being real .
  1. "I grew up on sets!"
    I mean I'd visit a lot... But I also went to school...
  2. "I'm a germaphobe!"
    I HATED sharing bottled water and I went to an all girls school where everyone shared everything. It was all I had.
  3. "I'm so high"
    I used to not inhale.
  4. "I count steps while walking up or down a staircase"
    Everyone kind of does when they just want to get to the top.
  5. "I was so good at ballet, I was on pointe!"
    I was on pointe but it's only cause I went to this ghetto ballet class where this wonderful Bulgarian instructor put the kids on point the second week in.
  6. "Yeah I'm Russian"
    I mean I am... But not like THAT Russian where my name is short for Alexandra.
  7. "I'm afraid of balloons"
    This is true. But nowadays I don't run away if I see a balloon. It's not an actual phobia anymore.
  8. "I was like really good at guitar but then quit"
    I could play "Castles Made of Sand" ... Not THAT well.
  9. "Yeah I was like in and out of college doing movies."
    All the TINY cameo parts happened over the summers except one where I had to miss THREE days of classes. I'm the worst.
  10. "I was a vegetarian for six years."
    It was really four. And I ate fish.
  11. "I'm coming."