1. Cracker Barrel is good cause the dumplings are raw
  2. The catfish at Cracker Barrel is yummy and healthy
  3. Gas station clerks give you free coffee if they like you.
  4. The blanket you use to sleep on in the van does get dirty. And affects your skin. You can pretend that because it's velvet it's clean. But in no world is it clean.
  5. Your phone loses battery within the first hour of driving
  6. Subway is just not good. It's just not. Wendy's is better.
  7. There is no way to eat healthily on tour unless you eat HALF of a Burger King chicken sandwich.
  8. Gas stations in Midwest have Haribo candies
  9. Leaving a box of cereal in a van for days does NOT affect the cereal in any way shape or form. Still highly edible.
  10. Colorado drive is beautiful. Minneapolis- indianapolis not so much
  11. INDIANAPOLIS is not for me
  12. It is normal to walk into a bar with a blow up sex toy in Indianapolis.
  13. Omaha is like a twilight zone episode but with really cool antique stores and taffy
  14. Fried ravioli is not as good as I thought it would be.
  15. I tried a Doritos taco from Taco Bell. Simultaneously it was the first Taco Bell I've ever had ever in my life.
  16. Diners feel healthier than chains and always get the vegetable omelet and also if you order black coffee you feel like you're in twin peaks.
  17. Montreal crowds are quiet
  18. Toronto crowds are rowdy
  19. The only way to not get bad skin on tour is to not go on tour
  20. A beer before a show not so good. A beer after super fun!
  21. Driving is fun. When you're not driving.
  22. Looking out windows you can learn so much about yourself but mainly that ice can form on the inside of windows??
  23. Its cold in the Midwest.