1. "Are we all on?"
  2. "How was everyone's weekend?"
  3. "Sorry, who's talking?"
  4. "Oh sorry, you go first."
  5. "Did we lose one?"
  6. "Guys, I gotta jump off"
  7. "Let's touch base in a few weeks"
  8. "What's everyone doing this weekend?"
  9. "I ate at the best new restaurant."
  10. "That's cause we're all west siders right?"
  11. "So and so is on."
  12. "You have _____ and _____ on."
  13. "Wait you cut out."
  14. "Yeah and to just add to that"
  15. ** Everyone saying bye in high pitched voices so they are heard **
  16. "Quick segue"
  17. "Let's jump in"
  18. "A couple of thoughts..."
  19. "Sorry I just dropped off, what did I miss??"
    Suggested by @davfields
  20. "Keep me honest here"
    Suggested by @salgats
  21. Does anyone hear an echo? I'm getting an echo.
    Suggested by @sarahyuro
  22. "Guys I'm gonna go on mute cause I'm in a loud restaurant but I'm still here!"
    Suggested by @rorymcauliffe
  23. "Let's take a beat on that"
    Suggested by @jonathon
  24. "I think this has been really good"
    Regardless of the goodness
    Suggested by @samusher
  25. (Internal) "are we on mute?"
    Suggested by @dave
  26. Who are we missing?
    Suggested by @emily_halpern