Pretty much just a comprehensive list of every movie that has made me cry.
  1. RADIO I cried when he was tied up in the sports shed. I cried when he admitted to being illiterate, and yet wrote an apology letter (albeit in gibberish) to his bully for something he didn't do. I cried when his mom died. I cried when he wasn't allowed on the bus and soldiered on and played ball in the rain anyway. And I cried when he was arrested.
  2. RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (2011) My head knew the monkeys were CGI, but my heart did not. I cried every time they flashed on screen in cages.
  3. THE EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE (1997) I cried when his adoptive Dad died. I cried when he was punished at the orphanage for acting against his perpetrators. I cried when he found the marble in his cell. It probably doesn't help that it takes place during the Great Depression and is based on a true story.
  4. WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE (1993) I cried every time he invited someone to his birthday party. I cried when Gilbert left him in the bathtub for hours. I cried when I saw how shitty his job was. I cried when his mom died.
  5. EVERAFTER (1998) I cried when her Dad died. I cried every time her stepfamily was cruel to her. I cried when they threw her book into the fire. I cried when the servant she bought back ran to hug his wife. I cried when the prince discovered her identity and was angry, even though he had no right to be. I cried when Leo said he didn't deserve her.
  6. Cinderella (2015)I cried when she got the news of her Dad's death and expressed remorse for the messenger instead. I cried when her stepfamily insulted her for thinking she could sit with them. I cried when she set up a tiny table for her mouse friends. I cried when the prince said he loved her for her real self.
  7. THE BROTHERS GRIMM (2005) I cried when their sister died. I cried when the female love interest was kidnapped and they couldn't just pull her out of the water.
  8. THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) I cried when I realized the character of Rachel wouldn't survive and when she accepted it. I cried when Alfred tore up her letter.
  9. FROZEN (2013) I cried when she told her parents to go away. I cried when the town discovered her powers. I cried when Hans revealed his true intentions to Anna. I cried when they were stuck in the blizzard on ice. I cried when Anna was turned to ice, and when she became reanimated. I cried when Elsa sang Let It Go.
  10. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2015) I cried when his mom was dying and he ran out. I cried when Gamora was floating adrift in space and he selflessly gave her his mask to breathe. I cried when he opened his moms present and it was Awesome Mix Vol. 2.
  11. THE BOOK OF LIFE (2014) I cried when Manolo's Dad told him being a musician wasn't a real job. I cried when Manolo set up that candle-lit, romantic walkway for Maria, but it led to her death. I cried when he met his mom in the Land of the Remembered. I cried when he sang the apology song to the bull.