1. 10th birthday: Hawaiian themed slumber party followed by sing-a-longs and suggestive dancing to NSYNC in Limited Too silk pajamas
  2. 11th birthday: Slumber party 2.0...then was made fun of because my initials spell MAN.
  3. 13th birthday: Forced my mom into renting a venue and hiring a DJ...the theme was Hollywood. Everyone danced on the tables like Miley Cyrus. It was a success.
  4. Sweet 16: Had a party with 100+ people. The security guard confiscated all of the alcohol, however everyone still found a way to bring it in inside of my gifts. My aunt yelled at people to keep "their hands above the waist" while my mom held back my friends hair due the alcohol that was not confiscated.
  5. 18th birthday: Rented out a karaoke bar in NYC and shamelessly sang "Let's Get Fucked Up" and "Wannabe" until we got kicked out for reasons that won't be mentioned on here.
  6. 21st birthday: Projectile vomited after a couple of Long Island iced tea fishbowls...that's all I remember.
  7. 23rd birthday: Touched Jimmy Fallon, saw Misterwives and met Darren Criss (Blaine from Glee)