Red flags for any relationship, really when you think about it because friendship is pretty much where it begins.
  1. They just call you to pass time
    They don't value you, are selfish and just want to use you+waste your time.
  2. They diss you publicly
    They're abusive and lack compassion and a conscience. These people are just badly brought up. They have low esteems and are failures in most areas of life. Fake and opportunistic. AVOID.
  3. They are quick to threaten to sever ties when they feel you're 'getting out of their control'
    Obviously, they are narcissistic, dictatorial and ill-behaved/ill-mannered, cunning and self-serving. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.
  4. Your gut tells you so
    Whoa, you need to leave ASAP.
  5. And, remember - it's their problem, not yours
    Keep your head held high. Walk away. There will be better people you'll encounter in life :) Good Luck, yo :)