I have not been to nearly as many places as I want to
  1. Arizona
    We went to the Grand Canyon when I was super young. Honestly I don't remember much except that it was super cold.
  2. California
    We lived here for another 5 years. I can't pick a favorite moment, but when I visited last summer again, I remembered why I loved it so much. The sunshine and the mountains made me feel home. Also the Golden Gate Bridge is breathtaking every time I see it. This is the one place where I know I belong.
  3. Colorado
    We lived here for 6 years. One of my favorite days was when my mom and sister were out of town, so my dad and I decided to go hiking on a trail outside our house that we had never been on. It led to a hill behind our small community, and it snaked back to this huge playground that I loved because it had a tire swing.
  4. Connecticut
    We went to visit family in Connecticut from Massachusetts. We built a whole plane from Legos, and I watched one of the saddest Indian movies at their house.
  5. Florida
    Harry Potter World. Hands down the best place.
  6. Massachusetts
    My aunt lives here, so we used to visit a lot. One time, we went to see the Polar Express in theaters, and I have loved that movie ever since.
  7. Nevada
    I remember going to Las Vegas when I was about 7? years old. I was really excited because we got there pretty late in the night and I got to stay up late. Not like the lights would have let me sleep.
  8. New Mexico
    We went skiing in Santa Fe. I remember being amazed at this small town where you could walk everywhere. We went to the top of a small hill and I could see for miles. I felt like I was on the edge of the world.
  9. New York
    We went to travel all around New York in a day. I wanted to climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty, but of course it was closed that day.
  10. Oklahoma
    We went to this waterfall and went hiking behind the falls. Behind the hills the whole river spread before me. We couldn't reach the end, but the hike was totally worth it.
  11. Texas
    Been living here for a few years now. My favorite moment was when I sat up talking to some of my friends for about 5 hours, and we ate some terribly cut pizza. It was a picture perfect day.
  12. Wyoming
    Yellowstone National Park. I remember the geysers and their weird smell. I also remember being amazed by all the pretty colors.