Summer 2015
  1. Third Eye by Florence and the Machine
    This song always reminds me of my blasting this song and singing along and Aarushi yelling at me to turn that "horrible music" down
  2. Hold Back The River by James Bay
    I remember playing this on repeat and eventually it got stuck in all of our heads and we just hummed it all the time. I also remember riding the bus and listening to this. It always makes me smile
  3. Cheerleader by OMI
    This song always came on the radio. I loved it because it was so upbeat and I remember getting hyped
  4. Verge by Owl City
    This is the song I would always hear during car rides and whenever I hear this and close my eyes, I can picture going down the California highway in the morning to NASA. Especially the whistling part.
  5. Beautiful Now by Zedd
    See above.
  6. Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes
    I remember Aarushi introducing me to Shawn Mendes and this was one of my favorites. I remember listening to this in the middle of my upbeat songs and feeling kind of peaceful. I also remember our dance parties to his entire album.