get the fuck ready
  1. #10 this cat getting flipped off and crying
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    lol hes so sad
  2. #9 this taxidermy mystery animal playing a horn of some sort
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    i hope that horn is like.... secretly made out of its small intestine
  3. #8 this gnome corgi
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    a gnorgi. the cnome. not sure how to mix these two words yet. wait.
  4. #7 this picture of my friend in the hospital
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    what an idiot lol
  5. #6 a vintage photograph of a woman walking a lobster
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    historical. swag
  6. #5 a standing taxidermy abomination
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    what a nightmare. looks like a small man. nice
  7. #4 a very filtered and quizzical sonic the hedgehog
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    i just kept putting filters over it on instagram instead of listening to an assembly about class rings. it was worth it.
  8. #3 viper- youll cowards dont even smoke crack
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    yes. this is an album that exists. and yes, ive listened to some if his work to see what it was all about. its mostly about crack.
  9. #2 this computer with teeth
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    found this lil gold nugget while on a chemistry website in class sophomore year and its been in my phone since. its actually my phone background right now.
  10. #1 emily
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    there is so much feeling behind this image. just looking at it for a short period of time can make me laugh so hard i hurt. its one if those that gets funnier the longer you look at it. this image might be more precious to me than the actual friendship we have.