my favorite memories of past birthday parties, duh
  1. for my 8th birthday, I think. it might've been my 9th. my mom threw me a huge luau themed surprise party. I was genuinely surprised and really happy because I had just gotten home from going to church with my grandparents. it was really cool and it was all for me.
  2. I don't know how old I was, but I threw myself a strawberry shortcake themed party. I can admit, my friend did have hers in January and it was also strawberry shortcake themed. but I loved it so much I wanted it too. my friend who had the same party was sick so she didn't get to come, I was sad about that.
  3. for my 14th birthday I made really cheesy invitations and handed them out at school. it was a night time party and we had a giant tarp water slide, people had a lot of fun. oh yeah, also we had a strobe light and an empty room. so we danced.
  4. my 18th birthday, I think that was the day I ended a relationship by sending them a picture of a meme. it was onion rings and on the picture it said "we're DONEION RINGS" It was really funny but also really sad. some of my friends came over and we had a water balloon fight, also there was a water slide. I like water slides.
  5. on my 19th birthday I got super drunk with my friends, sang paramore and told everyone at the party I was in love with some boy. there was no water slide this time.