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  1. The bog of eternal stench
    From the labyrinth
  2. Helms deep
    Lord of the rings
  3. The fire swamp
    The princess bride
  1. House sitting in the mountains
  2. One of many drunk bachelorette party pictures
  3. That time my in flight movie was The Hobbit and I almost died of happiness
2 more...
  1. Titanic
    It's like a sin not to right?
  2. Gangs of New York
    It's hard for me to ignore any Leo movie
  3. Mean Girls
3 more...
This changes daily for me but here we go..
  1. Gilmore girls
    Love everything about this show except for 'digger' he can go fuck himself
  2. Parks and Recreation
  3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Absolutely timeless