1. Gapped tooth culture
    There is one! Everyone who has a gapped tooth talks to each other about it. I've been stopped multiple times on the street by other gapped tooth humans and we bond over our teeth placement. It's dope.
  2. Symbolic info
    People outside of the western culture zone will tell me what a gapped tooth symbolizes in their country/culture/village. It's cool and only a problem when it's scary cause then I'm like "I'm sorry!!!"
  3. Eating
    If I left my half eaten apple on the table no one's gonna think it's theirs....it's mine beezys
  4. Every time nice teeth people bring up my gap
    They relate it to the supermodel culture. "It's really in right now". I'm like alright cool but like this isn't a pair of shoes I can try on but thanks for the supermodel thing! But oh wait you weren't even saying I looked like said supermodel. It's cool it's cool...(really it's cool I like the effort)
  5. Trendy boyz vs frat bros
    Trendy boyz are more intrigued by the gap. Maybe it fits some sort of dating check ✔️ because gaps aren't considered mainstream. And that goes the same with frat bros but instead looks more like a ✖️
  6. Party tricks
    When finally feeling comfortable enough-Streaming champagne in a straight line through your teeth is a great crowd pleaser.
  7. It's not a flaw
    When dealing with being a high schooler I would say to myself it's okay...flaws are beautiful don't be self conscious it's okay. I don't think it's a flaw anymore. I don't think what's not normal is a flaw. I think it's just me and I like it. And plus...in France I'm considered lucky ooo lala