If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram (@savvyhome), you may have seen me wandering around my favorite cookbook store a few weekends ago. It was stocked with so many incredibly cool new books published this Fall. Here’s a round-up of my favorites… Buy one for yourself, or check off the foodies on your Christmas list early!
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    Tulum’s most talked about restaurant Hartwood just came out with a cookbook. I’m so eager to check out this restaurant when I’m in Mexico next year, but in the meantime I can at least try my hand at the recipes that made them world-famous.
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    Anyone who’s ever had NoMad‘s chicken pot pie can attest that this new book is a must-have for innovative yet simple, hearty cooking. Test your culinary skills against one of New York City’s best restaurant.
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    My cousin and uncle recently treated the whole family to a traditional cooking Chinese feast. Neither of them are Asian, but my uncle lived in Shanghai years ago, and my niece recently did a student exchange in Hong Kong. Their passion for cooking Asian food is contagious, so I want to learn more with The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook.
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    I couldn’t make this list without leaving out Montreal Cooks, a Montreal cookbook, written by the owner of the above-mentioned cookbook store, Appetite for Books. It features 80 recipes from 40 of Montreal’s most talented chefs and let me tell ya, this city is full of them!
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    Yotam Ottolenghi is one of my favorite chefs, so you can bet that his new book Nopi will make its way into my kitchen stat. I hope it features a new variation on his delicious stuffed eggplants.
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    Because every dinner party is better with a good drink, venture in the world of craft cocktails with the purveyors of the World’s Best Cocktail Bar The Dead Rabbit. Your guests will be very impressed.