1. Yesssss, it's still nighttime
  2. What's that noise outside?
  3. Shit, I forgot to do this mildly important work thing.
  4. Should I do it now or wait til the morning?
  5. Definitely morning.
  6. Pee, glass of water, back to sleep.
  7. I'll check my phone just once.
  8. Shit, now the glare from my screen probably triggered my brain into thinking it was morning (according to a non-scientific article)
  9. Got to add that above mentioned task to the to-do list. 👆🏼
  10. Stop looking at your glary phone!!!
  11. But seriously, what's that noise outside??
  12. Are they really starting construction at 5:30am nowadays?
  13. Maybe I should have moved in a different area.
  14. Oh, the Rainmaker Pro app will solve the noise issue.
  15. 👉🏼 city rain, that'll work.
  16. Damn. Looked at my phone again.
  17. Now I'm definitely awake.
  18. Might as well get that task over and done with
  19. Get laptop.
  20. A few clicks... Done.
  21. Feeling mildly accomplished rn
  22. I'll probably end up falling asleep just before my alarm rings and then I'll never want to wake up.
  23. Nope,
  24. Still awake.
  25. Check phone again
  26. Haven't checked in to @list in a while
  27. Hmmm, I have a restaurant bucket list in drafts.
  28. I'm sure I could add a few top of mind places.
  29. Ugh, what I would give to be in Positano
  30. Mmmm, Carbonne.
  31. Haven't even been yet and I'm already salivating.
  32. I could really use an Egg McMuffin rn
  33. And, done. I can always add to it later (add that to the intro)
  34. It's almost time for coffee
  35. Where should I go for coffee?
  36. There's a list for that!
  37. *writes best coffee places in Montreal list*
  38. Definitely the egg nog latte at Melk.
  39. J would think I'm such a white girl (we JUST had a conversation about seasonally flavored coffee)
  40. That list thing is pretty cool
  41. What else should I write about?
  42. The thought process of waking up in the middle of the night, à la @manrepeller?
  43. Done.
  44. I should really tell my bff about this list app (she LOVES lists).
  45. Alarm.
  46. Now I definitely can't go back to sleep.