Getting in shape is a nice journey but it's not always easy to keep my head in the game
  1. I got this. Brightly thought as the workout begins.
  2. Wogging?! Wogging!! Let's run!
  3. Only half a mile in? Yes! I am the woman!
  4. One mile? Let's run the rest of this. Forget splits.
  5. I've got to pee! I feel like I just went.
  6. Wait. I've got how much more to do?
  7. Darn. I really have to pee.
  8. I'm almost done
  9. Wait. Do I *really* have to complete this workout? Who will know?
  10. I'll know. Keep going.
  11. Dang! The clock stopped!
  12. Oh. I'm done!
  13. I STILL have to pee.