Here are our top 10 reasons to come to camp with us!
  1. 1.
    Lake Powell, Utah. Hello, most gorgeous place in the US??!!!??? If you have gone to camp (freshman beach trip excluded 😢) with us, you absolutely need to come HERE with us. Like now.
  2. 2.
    Fraser, Colorado. This is Crooked Creek. Need we say more? If you are at least a sophomore, you should be signing up for this trip yesterday.
  3. 3.
    Port Aransas, Texas. I mean, sure, it's no Bahamas. But we think it'll do juuuust fine. And we'll be staying in a 5-star resort??? Ok, if you are a freshman and haven't signed up for this can't hang anymore. JK, we'd miss you too much. But still. 😜
  4. 4.
    Your leaders!!!! The people who love you the most. Other than your friends & family & Jesus & God, of course. But they get to see you all the time! We just wanna spend FULL ENTIRE WEEK with you! Take pity on us????
  5. 5.
    Your friends! If you thought you were close with them before, wait until you sit next to them for a full bus ride to Utah, Colorado, or Port Aransas & back. Y'all gon' be C L O S E.
  6. 6.
    New adventures!!!! We're sorry, but how many of y'all have spent a week in a houseboat? Or gone out of the state without your parents? Or in a resort...period? Get YLd, live a little! (((ps: your leader WILL help you fundraise!!!)))
  7. 7.
    New faces!!! Ever heard the phrase, "Meet your wife @ YL" or "Meet your hub @ club"??? Listen, ladies & gents: IT COULD HAPPEN! #anythingispossible #whenyougotocamp
  8. 8.
    Fun!!! How much fun can you have on a houseboat, in the mountains, or on the beach? we say: A LOT OF FUN, MORE FUN THAN YOU'VE EVER HAD!
  9. 9.
    A break from San Angelo!!! Have we mentioned that we're heading to UTAH, COLORADO, & PORT ARANSAS this summer? Because we are. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE good ole san ang. But we can all use a break sometimes!
  10. 10.
    Last, but MOST CERTAINLY NOT least: GOD! There is something about spending a week in a beautiful atmosphere, surrounded by love & people who are looking to deepen their faith. If you are struggling right now - like we all do sometimes - and are wondering what to do...look no further than YL camp. Honestly, you will be changed for the better!