Nod to Harry Shearer's "Le Show." Really just a year in review. Solid, REALLY FUCKING BRIEF year.
  1. I opened my 3rd bar on January 2rd: Sweeney's Ale House. It was awesome and I loved it.
    It's still there, it just rebranded as Surly Goat Encino and I had to leave 😔.
  2. I got moved to a German Bar called Der Wolfskopf as a general manager.
    Same owners as Sweeney's.
  3. I got very deep in the beer/liquor world, making incredible connections and friends along the way.
  4. I decided to open my own bar - sooner than I'd anticipated.
    I will have broken ground on the property by May 2017.
  5. I got 4 tattoos that I love - one kinda hugely appearance changing.
    But overwhelmingly well-received!
  6. I forged a new and really special relationship with my cousin Emma.
    Of all the cousins, she's the most quiet, and the one I knew the least. That all changed this year, to my benefit.
  7. I moved into a house with my brother.
    So happy about this.
  8. I have a 5 year plan to buy the house next door.
    We'll knock down the backyard fence and make a MEGA YARD. Forts galore!!
  9. I've been single the entire year (although not abstinent...).
    And I'm really quite content with that.
  10. I've managed to stay on top of all my disorders (etc., keeping it vague) more than any other year so far.
    Yes, I've struggled, no, it hasn't been perfect. But I have managed to come out on top with no emergencies. This is a huge deal, and a significant (and unprecedented) accomplishment.