One picture for each hour, on the hour, of whatever is around me for 24 hours. I really enjoyed doing this; it forced me to remain aware throughout my day. Will be doing this again, but skipping the sleepy-time hours as today I feel kinda shitty...
  1. 09:15
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    Woke up, got out of bed, etc. insert Beatles lyrics
  2. 10:15
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    My morning tea surrounded by the remnants of my brother's birthday presents. No, I didn't drink 4 roses and Lost Abbey for breakfast. That was yesterday.
  3. 11:15
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    Lucky future step-brother gets all our extra pots/pans/kettles/utensils/a shit ton of other stuff for his first apartment. Unlucky brother and I have to live with a dining room table covered in aforementioned shit.
  4. 12:15
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    Norma safeguarding my Indiana Jones DVD pack and one of my many boxes of giveaway clothes
  5. 13:15 (yeah, I use military time, I'm that asshole)
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    Rocking the dirndl for weekend 3 (Weihenstephaner) of Oktoberfest. This oh so not very sexy get up got me a phone number, thank you very much.
  6. 14:15 (although military time is much more conducive to the conceit of this particular list, don't you think?)
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    Jäger cross-promotional fun. A shot ski is exactly what you think it is, photos to follow. Say what you will about Jäger, they bring a fierce swag game.
  7. 15:15
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    This adorable family who was dying to take photos with us in our dirndls ("honey, they have things to do." "I don't care! Take a picture with this 5th phone, please! Only 3 more to go!!"). Also, that woman in the front won 2nd place in the stein holding competition. She's 68.
  8. 16:15
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    Weihenstephaner. They took good care of us this weekend.
  9. 17:15
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    "I feel really silly wearing this hat." - Liz, before shot ski.
  10. 18:15
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    The now infamous shot ski action/reaction shots.
  11. 19:15
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    "I feel really baller wearing this hat." - Jonathan, after shot ski.
  12. 20:15
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    Fidel "Wolves on Wolves" Santiago.
  13. 21:15
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    Kings of Prussia getting their Oom Pah Pah on.
  14. 22:15
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    4 over-enthusiastic Oktoberfest homies doing yet another shot ski.
  15. 23:15
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    Couple of those same guys dancing like drunk maniacs. Pretty fucking awesome. Note: middle German guy is wearing lederhosen. Rightmost German guy is wearing a German soccer shirt. Whatever works!
  16. 00:15
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    Kinky kinky Oktoberfest braidy hair. Getting into bed by midnight is a precious, rare occurrence.
  17. 01:15
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    My brother's first self portrait. Done with a clothes hanger and nylon pantyhose.
  18. 02:15
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    While my room is still under construction/a hot mess of boxes, I'm sleeping in my mother's (vacant) room. Where she has stuffed animals. And I made them spoon.
  19. 03:15
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    (Had to edit in post; a flash would have made my eyes melt) Norma playing with Max's tail. Not pictured: Max pinning Norma in what appeared to be a kitty choke-hold.
  20. 04:15
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    (This is where I start wandering the house like a creepy ghost). My left foot. Specifically: a very unfortunately placed bug bite, a smudged pedicure, and my very first tattoo that - at the time - meant the world to me. After a long day walking and sweating and standing, it's a tired foot. I'd also like to note that I was urinating when this photo was taken.
  21. 05:15
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    Kitchen succulents. I really like our kitchen lighting. Taken while making peach ginger tea and miso broth. Wish I'd caught sunrise but I passed out on the couch and missed the best of it before the next photo (which was really more like 6:30, to be honest).
  22. 06:15
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    A Winnie the Pooh hooded onesie, complete with stains and a lack of "chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff" charm. "Goodwill?"
  23. 07:15
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    Re-purposed vintage cookie tins. This is where I have trouble getting back to sleep.
  24. 08:15
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    Series of the alphabet painting we've had for countless years. Hilarious text includes gems like: "To please every sex, I am forming an 'X.'"
  25. 09:48
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    I slept in. You don't have to be a dick about it.